76 Things Teachers Really Want at the End of the School Year

As the end of the year is quickly approaching, I thought it would be fun to put together a list of things teachers REALLY want to happen during the last weeks and days of school.  So here are 76 Things Teachers Really Want at the End of the School Year.

1. All of our students to pass the end of the year assessments.

2. No one to cry during those assessments.

3. No one to be absent on testing days.

4. To not have car dismissal duty.

5. To have enough copies to make memory books.

6. To be allowed to use the color printer to print end of the year awards.

76 Things Teachers Really Want at the End of the School Year

7. To not have to use white out on permanent record cards.

8. To have all kids present the last few days so you can fill in your attendance.

9. To have all your observations done so you don’t have to do them at the end of the year.

10. To be allowed to watch a movie.

11. To be allowed to make some crafts.

12. To have construction paper to do those crafts.

13. To not have a field trip so close to the end of the year.

14. That I have some of next year’s prep already done.

15. To have all students have their library books turned in or paid for.

16. That I have not lost any library books.

76 Things Teachers Really Want at the End of the School Year

17.  To not teach summer school.

18. If I do have to teach summer school, that my class is small and the ‘admin’ is a laid back teacher.

19.  To have a tropical vacation booked for the summer.

20. To have any vacation booked for the summer.

21. To not have our own family drive us crazy over the summer.

22. To get to go to a cool teacher conference like Frog Street Splash.

23. To know that I will be teaching the grade level that I want to teach next year.

24. That I have a job next year at all.

25. That I am getting a raise next year.

26. That my team will be supportive next year.


27. To have this year’s check-out list be super small.

28. That there is no masking tape on the floor.

29. That the desk plates come off the tables easily.

30. That all of my curriculum is returned in its entirety to the library.

31. That I did not lose or damage school books.

32. That no one gets suspended.

33. That no one needs to be suspended.

34. That the copy machine is not broken.

35. That there is copy paper.

36. That I have enough Clorox wipes to clean my room the right way.

37. That I don’t forget to send home any important flyers with my students.

38. That we are allowed to have an end of year celebration.

39. That none of the specials teachers are absent.

40. That no specials are canceled because they have to substitute for an absent teacher.

41. That library class runs up to the last day of school.

42. That no one falls off the monkey bars.

43. That my kids remember how to line up quietly.

44. That my students are able to continue to learn those last weeks of school.

45. That there are no rainy day schedules.

46. That it’s not too hot outside that any duty requires deodorant after.

47. That the fire marshall does not make me get rid of the fan I use to return to a normal body temperature after duty.  (Best Fan EVER.)

76 Things Teachers Really Want at the End of the School Year

48. That my students don’t have to be peeled from the ceiling.

49. That all my students will line up after the bell rings.

50. That all of my students will get a drink and go to the bathroom at recess.

51. That the buses are not late.

52. That everyone gets picked up on time during the last week.

53. To have someone make my end of the year pot luck item.

54. To have the school provide a meal instead of a potluck.

55. To have a short end of the year staff meeting.

56. To have no BS stuff at the end of the year staff meeting like games and learning.  (LOL)

57. To not have to be at the end of the year staff meeting at school start time.  Let’s just start at 9 on that last day with no kids.

58. To be allowed to leave earlier than contract time once the kids are gone.

59. To have all my work done so that I can leave early.

60. To not have a line to pick up my last paycheck.

61. To not have the IRS take most of my last paycheck.

62. That my summer paycheck actually lasts me through the summer.

63. To not have to move rooms over the summer.

64. To be so happy at my school that I don’t want to move schools.

65. To have the district move my boxes if I am required to move schools.

66. To have my work wife come with me if I am moving schools.

67. To not have to take everything off my walls over the summer.

68. To not have to eat cafeteria lunch.

69. To not gain 12 pounds from stress and eating out.

70. That the soda machine in the lounge is working and stocked.

71. That one of the office people has a chocolate stash that they share.

72. A thank you card from a parent (or 26).

73. To know that I did my part to talk about Summer Safety with my students and that they WILL be safe.

76 Things Teachers Really Want at the End of the School Year

74. To know that all of my students have somewhere to go over the summer.

75. To know that all of my students have food to eat this summer.

76.  To know that all of my students will be healthy over the summer.

There you have it – 76 Things Teachers Really Want at the End of the School Year!


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