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Valentine Tips For Kindergarten Teachers By Kindergarten Teachers

We LOVE Valentines Day in kindergarten but we know that is can exhausting. So we asked in our Teacher Facebook Group the DAY AFTER Valentines Day for teachers top tips and so here are our Valentine tips for kindergarten teachers by kindergarten teachers. (There are some really good ones at the end, so be sure […]
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Valentine Party Tips for Kindergarten Teachers

Do not have a class valentine party until you hear these Valentine party tips for kindergarten teachers. Tip #1: Only have your students do the FROM not the TO on their valentines. This will eliminate a lot of issues. First, your students are in kindergarten. For them to sit down and write 25 student names […]
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The Ultimate List of Kindergarten Sight Word Activities

Are you looking for easy Kindergarten sight word activities? Try these fun activities in your classroom! We’ve got free worksheets, fun games, and oodles of ideas for making learning fun. Perfect for independent learning or small groups. We have so many ideas that learning will never get boring. Click through to get all the ideas […]
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The Best Kindergarten Crafts To Make Through the Year

Looking for crafts that your Kindergarten students will enjoy? We’ve listed the best crafts for each month, from January to December. Click through to find a year’s worth of crafts and make preparation a breeze.
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