Math Games With Dice Kindergarten Students Will Love

Math can often seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! Our math games with dice make learning fun and engaging. In this post, you’ll find four printable dice games that help kinders practice number recognition addition and subtraction. They are perfect for math centers or for homeschool families. Plus, they would be great to send home with your students over the summer break! So grab your dice and get ready to have some fun!

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Teaching kindergarten math can be a challenge at times. Most students are still developing a basic understanding of numbers and how they work. The biggest problem is that numbers are an abstract concept, but Kinders are still concrete thinkers. They need lots of hands-on experiences to help them gain a strong number sense.

Math Games Are Your Secret Weapon

Math games are a great way to introduce math concepts to children. They keep learning fun and give our students a chance to experience numbers. Every time children do this, they build the pathways in their brains that lead to understanding.

The Benefits Of Math Games.

Playing math games also has some great benefits. They

  • Helps children gain an understanding of numbers
  • Creates opportunities for independent practice.
  • Gives students a fun way to practice basic math skills.
  • Builds a deeper understanding of operations.
  • It’s a great way to practice! Kinders need a lot of practice! It’s tedious to repeat the same worksheet after another.
  • Games are regarded as fun, and children enjoy playing them.
  • They encourage students to be more engaged.
  • Watching children play gives teachers the chance to do informal assessments.

These kinds of games also help children develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills. So why not take advantage of math games and sneak in a lot of learning? After all, hands-on activities are the best way to explore numbers at the Kindergarten level.

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What About Memorization?

As any Kindergarten teacher knows, little ones are capable of memorizing information, especially when it comes to math. However, it is essential to keep in mind that memorization is not the best way to learn.

We want our students to develop a good understanding of numbers and operations. Otherwise, they will quickly encounter difficulties once they are faced with more complicated concepts. In other words, understanding is critical. Once our students have a firm grasp of the basics, they can begin memorizing the facts that will help them with math fluency.

Free Printable Math Games With Dice

With this in mind, we have designed a set of printable games for you to use with your Kinders. They are the simplest games but will provide those hands-on practices your Kinders need. Just add some dice and a few manipulatives.

So what are you waiting for? Download the free files, grab some dice, and get started!

What Is Inside The Free Printable?

Let’s take a closer look at what you will get in your free pack.

close up of roll and color math game

Math Games With Dice 1: Roll and Color

This simple game works for individual play or in a group of children. All you need is a worksheet, dice, and crayons for each child.

Children roll the dice and count the dots they have rolled. Then they find the corresponding number on the key. They color in the part of the picture as directed. So, if you roll a 3, you are required to color in the butterfly.

Play in a group by taking turns to roll the dice. Players that roll a number they have already used lose a turn. Or, they could give the role to another person. The first player to color in the picture wins.

skills: number recognition and using a key

close up of roll and add math game

Math Games With Dice 2: Roll and Add

For this game, you need the worksheet, two dice, and a pencil. Roll both dice, write the numbers from each die into the boxes and add them.

We have provided a number line for any children needing extra help. You could also offer manipulatives for them to use.

skills: counting, writing numerals, and addition

close up of roll and subtract math game

Math Games With Dice 3: Roll and Subtract

Again, you need this game’s worksheet, two dice, and a pencil. Roll both dice, and write the largest number from each into the first box. Write the smaller number in the second box. Then do the equation.

skills: counting, writing numerals, identifying biggest and smallest, and subtraction

The following games are available in black and white or color. Print the game and laminate it for durability.

close up of roll and cover game

Math Games With Dice 4: Roll and Cover (One Dice)

  1. Provide students with a sunflower count and cover mat, 20 manipulatives, and one or two dice.
  2. Roll the dice and count the number. Find the corresponding number on the mat.
  3. Place one manipulative over the number.
  4. Repeat until all the numerals on the mat are entirely covered.

skills: counting and number identification

close up of roll and cover game

Math Games With Dice 4: Roll and Cover (Two Dice)

This is the same game as above, but you use two dice. Roll both dice and add the two numbers together. Then find that number on the mat.

skills: counting, number identification, and addition

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What’s Next?

Now that you know all about our free printable math games for kindergarten download your free set. These games are perfect for math centers, individual work, or small groups.

More Simple Math Games

We hope you enjoy the free printable math games for kindergarten. They are a great way to help your students with number recognition, addition, and subtraction. We have included four games that can be played in small groups or individually.

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