26 Teacher Approved Mother’s Day Activities For Kinders

Mother’s Day is coming up next month, so we thought we would gather some of our favorite Mother’s Day activities in one place to make it easier for you to plan. The good news is that we have a lot more than crafts. There are writing activities, books and even some Mother’s Day math.

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Most kids in Kindergarten think the world of those special people that mother them. This person can vary from family to family, but our students are quick to proclaim how special their person is. Imagine then, how important Mother’s Day is to our Kinders. Why not build on their enthusiasm and bring Mother’s Day into the classroom? 

We know how busy you are, so we scoured the Internet and collected the best Mother’s Day resources we could find. They will engage your students and make learning fun. We also made sure they are quick and easy to prepare, because who has time for anything with hours of prep?

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Ready to dive in? Let’s start with some great books.

Recommended Books about Moms

There are some lovely books about mothers, and we’ve got a few suggestions here We would encourage you to look at the variety of families represented by your students and try to include books that reflect that diversity. The following books will work for most classes. a good story is a great way to introduce your Mother’s Day Activities.

What Not to Give Your Mom on Mother’s Day by Martha Simpson

This funny book will get your students giggling in no time. The book suggests all the things you should NOT give your mom. Some of the suggestions will delight Kinders and include things like a mud puddle and a dirty rotting log. The illustrations are wonderful and make this book a joy to read. It might be fun to invite the class to come up with their own ideas of what not to get their Moms for Mother’s Day. Perhaps you can make your own version of the book!

The Kissing Hand by Audry Penn

I had to include The Kissing Hand by Audry Penn. Chester the raccoon is starting school. But he is nervous about the change and wants to stay home with his mama. To help ease Chester’s fears, Mama shares the secret of the Kissing Hand. This wondrous thing helps him take her love with him to school. This is such a sweet story and I have trouble getting through it without choking up!

Are You My Mother? by P.D. Eastman

You will want to have a copy of Are You My Mother? by P.D. Eastman in your classroom. This sweet book is designed for early readers and is perfect for Kinders who are starting to read on their own. Children will love this story about a little bird looking for his mother.

Everywhere Babies by Susan Meyers

If you are looking for an inclusive book, Everywhere Babies by Susan Meyers is a great choice. It portrays almost every kind of family you can imagine. Multi-racial, single parent, same-sex parents, grandparents, or older parents. Almost every child will be able to see their family portrayed in this book. The book is very simple and talks about how every day, everywhere babies are born and parents look after them.

Mother’s Day Videos

There aren’t that many Mother’s Day videos that are appropriate for Kinders. Still here are the few that we found.

Need a quick brain break? This lively song about Moms and our love for them will do the trick. Get those kids clapping hands, stamping feet, and jumping.

Chicka Boom Mother’s Day Song

Based on the popular campfire song we all love. It is repeat after me song with a great beat. Kids will love it!

Animal Mothers

Kinders will enjoy this short video that celebrates mothers in the animal world. It includes beautiful footage of a variety of animal moms with their babies. It travels the world and you see everything from polar bears to humpback whales to foxes.

Mother’s Day Activities That Involve Writing

Obviously, you want your Kinders to keep writing as the year progresses. Why not combine writing with Mother’s Day? We’ve got lots of different ideas and many of them double as gifts. How’s that for an added bonus?

Mom and Me Questionaire

Are you looking for a special Mother’s Day gift for your students to create for their moms, grandmas, or aunts this year? These Mother’s Day Questionnaires make the best presents. They are kids’ answers are so fun to read and they make thoughtful keepsakes for parents.

Mother’s Day Sentences

Download these free Mother’s Day sentences. You’ll get 6 pictures and 2 different writing sheets. This activity is great for all levels. It works well for students who are just beginning to write and for those who are more experienced writers.

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Mother’s Day Bouquet

Looking for a cute Mothers Day Craft that gets kids writing?  You will love this easy Mothers Day Bouquet writing activity. Children create a bouquet filled with lowers that recall special memories or things that make their mother special.

World’s Best Mom Writing Activity

Another free Mother’s Day Writing Activity that is quick and easy to prepare. What a fun way to encourage kids to write!

I Love You Because

This versatile printable is sure to make someone’s day. Students are invited to choose someone special and list all the reasons they love them! It is perfect for Mother’s Day. I like that it can be used for all kinds of “moms.” From grandparents to stepmoms to aunts.

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Mother’s Day Activities- Math

I was not sure if I would find some engaging math activities with a Mother’s Day theme. I was pleasantly surprised.  All these Mother’s Day activities are perfect for math centers or early finishers.

Mother’s Day Word Problem

Enjoy some Mother’s Day word problems with this little freebie. They will love drawing mom with flowers as they add three numbers and determine which information is not needed to solve the problem. 

Mother’s Day Addition Word Problems

This pack contains a free Mother’s Day addition word problem worksheet. It requires students to create an addition sum of 3 numbers. A teacher answer pdf is included.

Symmetry Drawing

Use art to introduce math and geometry to kinders! It is fun and engaging. These Mother’s Day symmetry drawings are a great way to teach symmetrical and asymmetrical shapes and objects.

Free Mother’s Day Count and Graph, Roll and Graph

A free graphing printable with a Mother’s Day theme, would be perfect for a math center.

Free Mother’s Day Color By Number

Download a free Mother’s Day Color-by-Number. Kids love to color by number, and it is an easy way to teach number recognition and using a key. It can also be used as a simple gift for Mother’s Day!

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Mother’s Day Crafts

We had to have some crafts in here. Most children get excited about giving gifts to the special people in their lives. The difficulty is finding something that can be made by the whole class all at once. Pinterest is a gold mine of ideas, but many of them are simply not practical for use in the classroom. It is one thing to help one child make a beautifully crafted gift and quite another to help a whole class of kids. It can also be tricky to come up with something that suits every family situation. We’ve found some ideas that are quick to prepare and mess free.

Mother’s Day basket

This easy Mother’s Day basket craft is perfect. It’s easy to make, low cost, and no mess. It is a great gift to send home for Mom! This one is guaranteed to make Mom smile! 

Mother’s Day Cards

Looking for some easy Mother’s Day cards? Try these adorable coloring cards. Download the FREE printable and hand them out to be colored. They are a quick and easy gift for your class.

Mother’s Day Spring Flower Craft

April showers bring May flowers, for Mother’s Day! Here’s a cute spring flower craft that kids can make in the classroom to show their moms, dads, or grandparents how much they care. These colorful flowers set on paper can also be added to the classroom bulletin board as spring decor.

DIY picture frame

Mother’s Day Frames

I love these adorable Mother’s Day frames. They are so cute and I’m sure Moms will love receiving them. It is a little more involved, so you may want to recruit a few volunteer helpers for this one!

Mother’s Day Heart Bouquet

This is a sweet craft that moms will love. Pictures of children are glued to heart-shaped flowers and arranged in a small pot or jar. Simplify it by just making heart flowers without the pictures. Click here for the templates and instructions.

Mother's day craft

Easy Mother’s Day Bookmarks

Are you looking for an easy Mother’s Day gift that your kindergarten class can make? These Mother’s Day bookmark gifts are super easy to set up. There is minimal preparation, and the children can do the majority of the activity with very little assistance. As an aside, I still use a bookmark my son made at school and gave me 25 years ago! Moms love these things!

Mother’s Day Coupons

Use these free printable set of coupons to make a gift for Mom. They are easy to put together and make a very inexpensive gift. Each coupon has space for your kids to write in a special surprise just for Mom. There is also a sheet of suggestions to help students who are stuck for ideas.

Five Shrinky Dink Gifts

Shrinky dink keychain projects are the perfect classroom craft and make the perfect present for any occasion! We’ve compiled five shrinky dink keychain projects for you to use with your Kinders! Some of these are good for Father’s Day as well

Mother's Day Activities

Quick and Easy Mother’s Day Activities

Finally, we wanted to share some FREE printables that are really fast and easy. They can be given to early finishers, or used in the classroom as is.

Mother’s Day Bag

This cute gift bag couldn’t be any easier. Students can draw a picture of their mom in the frame!  Staple to a paper bag and you are good to go! Easy peasy~

Printable Bookmarks

These printable bookmarks for moms are a simple and sweet gift idea! And they’re absolutely FREE! Three of the bookmarks have short sweet messages on them.  One has no message and would be great for mother figures that are not called Mom. Kinders can color the bookmarks and write a message on the back.

Mother’s Day Coloring Pages

Most Kinders love coloring. So, these free printable Mother’s Day coloring pages. are bound to be a hit. They are perfect for early finishers.

Mother’s Day Survey

This Mommy and I Mother’s Day Survey is very much a last-minute Mother’s Day printable. There’s no preparation needed, and kids can fill it in quickly.

Your Turn

So, that is our list. What are your favorite Mother’s Day activities? Do you have any resources to share?

Mother's Day Activities
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