Using Parent Handouts

Chances are that parents have asked you how they can help their child at home with (fill in the blank). Or, you’ve noticed that a child could use help with a certain skill and want to share some helpful tips with parents. Our Simply Kinder parent handouts packet is perfect for sharing information with parents on how they can help their child with a wide variety of topics. These parent handouts help strengthen the relationship between home and school by giving parents valuable information to support their little learners.

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Parent Handout Topics

Our parent handout packet is full of topics you can use throughout the school year. Each parent letter offers a quick, family friendly explanation of each topic and ideas on how families can help their learners at home. See all of our great topics below.

1. What is the Science of Reading

This is a great letter to send home at the beginning of the year for parents to get acquainted with the Science of Reading. It also includes a QR-linked article explaining the “why” behind the Science of Reading. Download it for FREE on the Simply Kinder + Free Plan here!

2. Fine Motor Skills

This parent handout includes ideas on how parents can strengthen fine motor skills at home through various activities. It helps parents understand the importance of fine motor skills when it comes to writing and drawing.

3. Shoe Tying Made Easy

Shoe tying is a crucial skill that students will need to master. Ideas on this handout help parents simplify the process of teaching the shoe-tying process. This handout would be great for those who still need assistance with shoe tying and could even be used to promote a shoe-tying club.

4. Scissor Skills

There are always students that need extra help when it comes to cutting. This handout will give parents great ideas on practicing with scissors at home.

5. The Alphabet

This handout would be another helpful one to send out at the beginning of the year. It emphasizes the importance of students identifying the letters and sounds associated with the alphabet.

6. Phonemic Awareness

Parents want to help their children with reading and language at home. This handout will give parents simple explanations and activities they can use at home to strengthen phonemic awareness.

7. Learning Our Names

This parent handout would be a helpful addition to your meet the teacher packet. Parents can encourage the earliest relationship children have between letters and sounds by working with their child on learning their name.

8. Handwriting at Home

Do you have students that need extra support with their handwriting skills? This handout is for you! Parents can get easy to implement ideas on practicing handwriting at home.

9. Homework at Home

Our homework handout will go well with the first homework assignment you send home. It will give parents an understanding of how homework should be viewed and how they can best support their child with homework assignments.

10. Support Reading at Home

Use this handout at parent/teacher conferences. It provides some great discussion points and websites for parents to reference on how they can support reading at home.

11. Numbers and Counting

This is another great handout to give to parents at conferences. It also contains tips and websites parents can use at home to strengthen number sense.

Using Parent Handouts

These parent handouts will provide yearlong tips for parents. They can be sent home as a whole class or with individual students that need support with certain skills. Your student’s parents will thank you for bridging the gap between home and school.

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