Free Winter Color By Code Worksheets: CVC Words

Your students will enjoy learning CVC words with our FREE winter color by code worksheets. It is a fun way to work on the short vowel sounds. Perfect for Kindergarten and first grade. Invite your student to color by code and reveal the picture hidden on the page. Just download and print.

Can you believe that we are starting another year? If you are like me, teaching in January is time to hunker down and help our students work on their literacy skills. Today we are focusing on CVC words.

What are CVC words?

Simply put, a CVC word is composed of a consonant, vowel, and consonant sound. An example of one of these words would be hut. Each letter makes a sound and is therefore easy for young readers to sound out.

You can find out more about CVC words and why we teach them here.

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Color by code Worksheets: CVC words

Our Color by code worksheets is a fun way to review and practice some of the CVC words. Kids love coloring these sheets. They are engaging way to practice and your kinders will get excited about finishing each picture. Isn’t it great to make learning FUN?!

This color by code CVC words can be used in all kinds of ways. They are perfect for morning work, early finishers,  literacy centers, or to send home.

Short U color by code

Students will practice three different skills.

  1. Sounding out and identifying CVC words.
  2. Learning to use a key.
  3. Strengthening the fine motor skills, they need to write.

Each activity sheet practices one short vowel CVC words and there are eight words to a sheet. The four sheets use the following words:

  • E- leg, pen, bell, bed, get, web, yes, and net.
  • O- job, box, lot, mop, got, dog, pop, and fox.
  • I- bit, lip, pin, him, lid, dig, rip, and fix.
  • U- hut, rub, mug, hum, fun, cup, bus, and but.

So, you see that we will be practicing those e, o, I, and u sounds. All while having fun. How is that for an easy win? Kinders can color the worksheets with crayons or colored pencils.

Color by code short O

Easy Prep

Just download and print our black and white coloring sheets and you are ready to go.

Students will enjoy learning CVC words with our FREE winter color by code worksheets. It is a fun way to work on the short vowel sounds. Perfect for Kindergarten and first grade. Click through for your free printable

How to Use Our Color By Code Worksheets

Each student will need a copy of the coloring sheet and crayons or colored pencils. It is helpful for them to color the crayons first. This helps them figure out which colors they will need and highlights what color is used for each CVC word. Students will find it helpful to put away the colors that are not being used.

Demonstrate how to color the picture one area at a time. Invite Kinders to read the word in the area and locate that word in the key. This will tell them what color to use. Any areas with no word should be left white. Encourage children to color the section carefully and this is one time when it is good to stay inside the lines!

Children will color the picture one area at a time until the whole picture is colored. They will then be able to see the hidden picture. Obviously, this is an activity that can be done over time. It is not necessary to complete the picture in one sitting unless the students want to do that.

color by code worksheets pin

Need some more CVC activities?

Color  by Code worksheets
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